Which bridge is taller? (This or That)

[10-20-2022] Microsoft Rewards Bing “This or That” Quiz Question: Which bridge is taller?

Here is the list of bridges (sorted by name) given in the quiz with their height. Compare their heights to determine the correct answers.

  • Andy Warhol Bridge (83.5 ft)
  • Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge (575 ft)
  • Bixby Creek Bridge (279 ft)
  • Brooklyn Bridge (277 ft)
  • Commodore Barry Bridge (220 ft)
  • Deception Pass Bridge (180 ft)
  • Fred Hartman Bridge (436 ft)
  • George Washington Bridge (604 ft)
  • Glen Canyon Dam Bridge (700 ft)
  • Golden Gate Bridge (746 ft)
  • Hale Boggs Memorial Bridge (158 ft)
  • Huey P. Long Bridge (135 ft)
  • John James Audubon Bridge (499 ft)
  • Mackinac Bridge (551 ft)
  • Manhattan Bridge (322 ft)
  • Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge (400 ft)
  • Queensboro Bridge (350 ft)
  • Rachel Carson Bridge (78 ft)
  • San Diego-Coronado Bridge (200 ft)
  • Sunshine Skyway Bridge (430 ft)
  • Tacoma Narrows Bridge (467 ft)
  • Tappan Zee Bridge (293 Ft)
  • Tower Bridge in Sacramento (161 ft)
  • Walt Whitman Bridge (378 ft)
  • Zakim Bridge (270 ft)

Note: If your quiz does not have the bridges listed above, you can look into the following table for the correct answers.

List of 176 bridges in the United States (US) by height:

Bridge NameHeight
Albertus L. Meyers Bridge138 ft (42.1 m)
All-America Bridge134 ft (40.8 m)
Ambassador Bridge152 ft (46.3 m)
Antioch Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge575 ft (175.26 m)
Astoria–Megler Bridge196 ft (59.7 m)
Aurora Bridge167 ft (50.9 m)
Bayonne Bridge215 ft (65.5 m)
Bear Mountain Bridge155 ft (47.2 m)
Beaver River Bridge170 ft (51.8 m)
Benicia–Martinez Bridge (dual spans)138 ft (42.1 m)
Benjamin Franklin Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Betsy Ross Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Bixby Creek Bridge260 ft (79.2 m)
Blue Water Bridge (dual spans)155 ft (47.2 m)
Bourne Bridge, Sagamore Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Bridge of the Gods140 ft (42.7 m)
Bronx–Whitestone Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Brooklyn Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Burro Creek Bridge (dual spans)388 ft (118.3 m)
Calcasieu River Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Carquinez Bridge (dual spans)148 ft (45.1 m)
Cascade Creek Trestle137 ft (41.8 m)
Castleton Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Charles M. Braga Jr. Memorial Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Chesapeake Bay Bridge (dual spans)186 ft (56.7 m)
Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge206 ft (62.8 m)
Clays Ferry Bridge245 ft (74.7 m)
Clio Trestle172 ft (52.4 m)
Cochrane–Africatown USA Bridge140 ft (42.7 m)
Cold Spring Canyon Arch Bridge400 ft (121.9 m)
Commodore Barry Bridge192 ft (58.5 m)
Conde McCullough Memorial Bridge150 ft (45.7 m)
Confusion Hill Bridges 255 ft (77.7 m)
Confusion Hill Bridges (north span)140 ft (42.7 m)
Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge138 ft (42.1 m)
Crescent City Connection (dual spans)170 ft (51.8 m)
Crooked River High Bridge295 ft (89.9 m)
Crooked River Railroad Bridge320 ft (97.5 m)
Cut River Bridge147 ft (44.8 m)
Dames Point Bridge175 ft (53.3 m)
Deception Pass Bridge180 ft (54.9 m)
Delaware Memorial Bridge (dual spans)174 ft (53.0 m)
Delaware River–Turnpike Toll Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
E. H. Swindell Bridge170 ft (51.8 m)
Emlenton Bridge270 ft (82.3 m)
Fairfax Bridge250 ft (76.2 m)
Foresthill Bridge730 ft (222.5 m)
Francis Scott Key Bridge185 ft (56.4 m)
Fred G. Redmon Bridge325 ft (99.1 m)
Fred Hartman Bridge178 ft (54.3 m)
Fremont Bridge175 ft (53.3 m)
Galena Creek Bridge295 ft (89.9 m)
Genesee Arch Bridge240 ft (73.2 m)
George Washington Bridge212 ft (64.6 m)
George Westinghouse Bridge240 ft (73.2 m)
Gerald Desmond Bridge155 ft (47.2 m)
Girard Point Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Glen Canyon Dam Bridge700 ft (213.4 m)
Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge144 ft (43.9 m)
Goat Canyon Trestle186 ft (56.7 m)
Goethals Bridge140 ft (42.7 m)
Gold Star Memorial Bridge (dual spans)135 ft (41.1 m)
Golden Gate Bridge220 ft (67.1 m)
Governor Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge140 ft (42.7 m)
Green River Gorge Bridge[19]155 ft (47.2 m)
Hale Boggs Memorial Bridge158 ft (48.2 m)
Hansen Bridge350 ft (106.7 m)
Hart Bridge141 ft (43.0 m)
Hawk Falls Bridge[16]190 ft (57.9 m)
Hell Gate Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Henderson County Bridge132 ft (40.2 m)
Henry Hudson Bridge143 ft (43.6 m)
Hi-Line Railroad Bridge162 ft (49.4 m)
High Bridge160 ft (48.8 m)
High Bridge (Aqueduct Bridge)140 ft (42.7 m)
High Bridge of Kentucky275 ft (83.8 m)
High Steel Bridge375 ft (114.3 m)
Hite Crossing Bridge200 ft (61.0 m)
Hoffstadt Creek Bridge370 ft (112.8 m)
Horace Wilkinson Bridge175 ft (53.3 m)
Huey P. Long Bridge (Jefferson Parish)135 ft (41.15 m)
Hurricane Gulch Bridge296 ft (90.2 m)
Israel LaFleur Bridge140 ft (42.7 m)
Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Jeremiah Morrow Bridge239 ft (72.8 m)
John E. Fitzgerald Bridge (Clarks Summit Bridge)150 ft (45.7 m)
Jordan Bridge145 ft (44.2 m)
Kate Shelley High Bridge (Boone Viaduct)185 ft (56.4 m)
Kingston–Rhinecliff Bridge152 ft (46.3 m)
Kuskulana River Bridge238 ft (72.5 m)
Laurel Creek Gorge Bridge220 ft (67.1 m)
Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge203 ft (61.9 m)
Lewis and Clark Bridge210 ft (64.0 m)
Lewiston–Queenston Bridge370 ft (112.8 m)
Long Beach International Gateway Bridge205 ft (62.5 m)
Mackinac Bridge200 ft (61.0 m)
Manhattan Bridge322 ft (98.15 m)
Massachusetts Turnpike’s Westfield River Bridge166 ft (50.6 m)
Mathews Bridge152 ft (46.3 m)
Mid-Hudson Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge900 ft (274.3 m)
Mingo Creek Viaduct250 ft (76.2 m)
Mon–Fayette Expressway Bridge200 ft (61.0 m)
Monroe Street Bridge136 ft (41.5 m)
Mount Hope Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Moyie River Canyon Bridge464 ft (141.4 m)
Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge145 ft (44.2 m)
Navajo Bridge 470 ft (143.3 m)
New River Gorge Bridge876 ft (267.0 m)
New Tappan Zee Bridge (Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge)139 ft (42.4 m)
Newburgh–Beacon Bridge (dual spans)135 ft (41.1 m)
Outerbridge Crossing143 ft (43.6 m)
Paul Bryant Bridge150 ft (45.7 m)
Pecos River High Bridge275 ft (83.8 m)
Pecos River Highway Bridge273 ft (83.2 m)
Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory135 ft (41.1 m)
Perrine Bridge486 ft (148.1 m)
Peter Guice Memorial Bridge225 ft (68.6 m)
Phil G. McDonald Bridge (Glade Creek Bridge)700 ft (213.4 m)
Pine Valley Creek Bridge450 ft (137.2 m)
Quechee Gorge Bridge163 ft (49.7 m)
Queensboro Bridge (59th Street Bridge)130 ft (39.6 m)
Rainbow Bridge202 ft (61.6 m)
Rainbow Bridge177 ft (53.9 m)
Red Cliff Bridge200 ft (61.0 m)
Rex T. Barber Veterans Memorial Bridge300 ft (91.4 m)
Richmond–San Rafael Bridge185 ft (56.4 m)
Rio Grande Gorge Bridge565 ft (172.2 m)
Rip Van Winkle Bridge145 ft (44.2 m)
Rosendale Trestle150 ft (45.7 m)
Royal Gorge Bridge955 ft (291.1 m)
Sam Houston Ship Channel Bridge175 ft (53.3 m)
San Diego–Coronado Bridge200 ft (61.0 m)
San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge (eastern span)191 ft (58.2 m)
San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge (western span)220 ft (67.1 m)
San Mateo–Hayward Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Ship Canal Bridge182 ft (55.5 m)
Sidney Lanier Bridge185 ft (56.4 m)
Sidney Sherman Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Soo Line High Bridge184 ft (56.1 m)
St. Johns Bridge205 ft (62.5 m)
Sunlight Creek Bridge285 ft (86.9 m)
Sunshine Bridge170 ft (51.8 m)
Sunshine Skyway Bridge181 ft (55.2 m)
Tacoma Narrows Bridge (dual spans)510 ft (155.45 m)
Talmadge Memorial Bridge185 ft (56.4 m)
Tappan Zee Bridge138 ft (42.1 m)
Thomas Creek Bridge345 ft (105.2 m)
Thomas Rukavina Memorial Bridge204 ft (62.2 m)
Thousand Islands Bridge150 ft (45.7 m)
Throgs Neck Bridge142 ft (43.3 m)
Tobin Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Triborough Bridge (Robert F. Kennedy Bridge)143 ft (43.6 m)
Tulip Trestle157 ft (47.9 m)
U.S. Route 20 Iowa River Bridge137 ft (41.8 m)
U.S. Route 460 Connector Bridge265 ft (80.8 m)
Union Pacific Kate Shelley Bridge190 ft (57.9 m)
Valley View Bridge212 ft (64.6 m)
Vance Creek Bridge347 ft (105.8 m)
Varina-Enon Bridge150 ft (45.7 m)
Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge228 ft (69.5 m)
Veterans Memorial Bridge165 ft (50.3 m)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge145 ft (44.2 m)
Vincent Thomas Bridge185 ft (56.4 m)
Walkway over the Hudson212 ft (64.6 m)
Walnut Lane Bridge147 ft (44.8 m)
Walt Whitman Bridge378 ft (115.21 m)
Washington Bridge134 ft (40.8 m)
West Seattle Bridge140 ft (42.7 m)
Whirlpool Rapids Bridge225 ft (68.6 m)
Williamsburg Bridge135 ft (41.1 m)
Wilson Creek Bridge175 ft (53.3 m)
Wissahickon Memorial Bridge170 ft (51.8 m)
Young’s High Bridge283 ft (86.3 m)

Today’s “Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz” has ten answers to the “This or That?” question related to bridges. Each answer carries 5 points, and the wrong answer does not earn any points. Earn five points per question—up to 50 points total—when you answer correctly. So, select only the correct answers.

If you find other or wrong answers, please mention them in the comment.

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