Which five are types of clouds? (Supersonic Quiz)

[9-13-2022] Microsoft Rewards Bing Supersonic Quiz Question: Which five are types of clouds?

The given options are:

  • Cirrus
  • Lenticular
  • Static
  • Nacreous
  • Garrulous
  • Cumulus
  • Articulated
  • Stratus
Five Correct Answers are:
  • Cirrus
  • Lenticular
  • Nacreous
  • Cumulus
  • Stratus

If you have different options, check the following list for the correct answers. The list contains types and subtypes of clouds.

List of 80 types/subtypes of clouds:

Actinoform cloudDuplicatus
Altocumulus castellanusFog
Altocumulus floccusFractus
Altocumulus lenticularisHorseshoe
Altocumulus stratiformisHot tower
Altocumulus volutusLacunosus
AltostratusLenticular nacreous
AsperitasNacreous polar stratospheric clouds (PSC)
Cirriform nacreousNimbostratus virga
CirrocumulusNitric acid and water polar stratospheric clouds (PSC)
Cirrocumulus castellanusNoctilucent (NLC) Polar mesospheric clouds
Cirrocumulus floccusNoctilucent type I veils
Cirrocumulus lenticularisNoctilucent type II bands
Cirrocumulus stratiformisNoctilucent type III billows
CirrostratusNoctilucent type IV whirls
Cirrostratus fibratusOpacus
Cirrostratus nebulosusOvershooting top
Cirrus castellanusPerlucidus
Cirrus fibratusPileus
Cirrus floccusPraecipitatio
Cirrus intortusRadiatus
Cirrus spissatusStratocumulus
Cirrus uncinusStratocumulus castellanus
Cirrus vertebratusStratocumulus floccus
CumulonimbusStratocumulus lenticularis
Cumulonimbus calvusStratocumulus stratiformis
Cumulonimbus capillatusStratocumulus volutus
Cumulonimbus caudaStratus
Cumulonimbus flumen (Beaver tail)Stratus fractus
Cumulonimbus incusStratus nebulosus
Cumulonimbus murus (Wall cloud)Stratus silvagenitus
Cumulus castellanusTuba (Funnel cloud)
Cumulus congestusUndulatus
Cumulus humilisVelum
Cumulus mediocrisVirga

Our quiz on weather is sure to be a breeze

Today’s “Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Supersonic Quiz” has three questions related to weather . Each question has five correct answers and carries ten points. The wrong answer does not earn any points. So, select only the correct answers.

All three questions from today’s Bing Supersonic Quiz are below. You can find their answers by visiting those pages.

  1. Which five are types of clouds?
  2. Which five are types of lightning?
  3. Which five terms are weather-related?

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