Which of these classic albums was released before 1998? (This or That)

[5-30-2022] Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage “This or That” Quiz Question: Which of these classic albums was released before 1998?

We have put both correct (right side) and wrong (left side) options below. This will help you in determining the correct answer. The correct answers (1-10) are bold (blue).

  • Kaleidoscope ……. Life After Death
  • Mezzanine ……. The Velvet Rope
  • The Writing’s on the Wall ……. Sheryl Crow
  • Californication ……. If You’re Feeling Sinister
  • When the Pawn… ……. Supa Dupa Fly
  • Ray of Light ……. The Score
  • Clandestino ……. All Eyez on Me
  • Aquemini ……. Dig Me Out
  • Dónde están los ladrones? ……. Odelay
  • 400 Degreez ……. OK Computer

Other correct answers are as follows:

  • One in a Million
  • Either/Or
  • Come On Over
  • Endtroducing
  • Homogenic

Today’s “Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz” has ten answers to the “This or That?” question. Each answer carries 5 points, and the wrong answer does not earn any point. Earn five points per question—up to 50 points total—when you answer correctly. So, select only the correct answers.

If you find other answers, please mention them in the comment.

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