[Answer] Which of these films is a documentary of The Rolling Stones

[1-19-2022] Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Lightspeed Quiz Question: Which of these films is a documentary of The Rolling Stones?

Options Set 1

The given options are:

  • No Distance Left to Run
  • The Filth and the Fury
  • Crossfire Hurricane
  • The Last Waltz

Correct Answer: Crossfire Hurricane

Options Set 2

  • Blinded by the Light
  • End of the Century
  • Charlie is my Darling
  • No Distance Left to Run

Correct Answer: Charlie is my Darling

If you do not find the correct answer(s) mentioned above in your Lightspeed quiz, please check the following list for the right answer (Source – Wikipedia).

List of The Rolling Stones documentary films:

  • 25×5: the Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones
  • Charlie Is My Darling (film)
  • Cocksucker Blues
  • Crossfire Hurricane
  • Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! The Rolling Stones in Concert
  • Gimme Shelter (1970 film)
  • Olé Olé Olé!: A Trip Across Latin America
  • Shine a Light (film)
  • Stones in Exile
  • Stripped (Rolling Stones album)
  • The Biggest Bang
  • The Stones in the Park
  • Video Rewind

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