Elon Musk bought Twitter for about

[4-29-2022] Microsoft Rewards Homepage Bing News Quiz Question: Elon Musk bought Twitter for about…

The given options are:

  • $22 billion
  • $44 billion
  • $88 billion

Correct Answer: $44 billion

All ten questions from today’s Bing News Quiz are below. You can find their answers by visiting these pages.

  1. Elon Musk bought Twitter for about…
  2. The city of Forth Worth installed three high-powered computers to…
  3. A Minnesota State Senate candidate gave a campaign speech while…
  4. The FAA is investigating a ‘plane swap’ stunt over Arizona that ended in a wreck. Who sponsored the stunt?
  5. UN health officials warned that cases of what disease are up about 80% this year?
  6. Which package carrier was sued by multiple states and climate groups for purchasing gas-guzzling delivery vehicles?
  7. Which English city voted to strip Prince Andrew of its highest honorary title?
  8. What made a commotion heard in three states along the southern Mississippi River?
  9. Speaking of space phenomena, which two planets will appear to collide in the night sky as they align this week?
  10. Which TV host will get the Lifetime Achievement award at the first Children’s & Family Emmys later this year?

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