Microsoft Rewards Bing Supersonic Quiz Questions and Answers (04-23-2024)

This post includes all the questions and their respective answers from the “Microsoft Rewards Bing Supersonic Quiz” of April 23, 2024. The quiz comprises three questions, and you can earn points by choosing the correct answer for each question. We hope this information proves useful to you. If you find it helpful, please consider sharing this post.

Let’s set sail with a quiz about yachting

Question 1: At its most basic, what is “beating” or “tacking” in sailing?

  • Sailing across the wind
  • Sailing upwind
  • Sailing downwind

Correct Answer: Sailing upwind

Question 2: Where would you put a “baggy wrinkle” on your yacht?

  • On a shroud
  • On the mast
  • On the boom

Correct Answer: On a shroud

Question 3: On a sailboat, what is a sheet?

  • Lines for control of sails
  • The sail
  • Checklist on the boat

Correct Answer: Lines for control of sails

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