Microsoft Rewards Bing Warpspeed Quiz Questions and Answers (04-29-2024)

This post includes all the questions and their respective answers from the “Microsoft Rewards Bing Warpspeed Quiz” of April 29, 2024. The quiz comprises three questions, and you can earn points by choosing the correct answer for each question. We hope this information proves useful to you. If you find it helpful, please consider sharing this post.

Test your knowledge on these shocking questions

Question 1: What is commonly called “fossilized lightning”?

  • Plasma
  • Ionized calcium
  • Fulgurite

Correct Answer: Fulgurite

Question 2: What causes thunder?

  • Release of electrical charges
  • The void created by lightning
  • Rapid rise in air temperature

Correct Answer: The void created by lightning

Question 3: If you’re caught in a thunderstorm, what should you take cover under?

  • House
  • On a lake
  • Outside without shelter

Correct Answer: House

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