Bing Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers (04-19-2024)

Question 1: In which country is the Ring of Brodgar?

Ring Of Brodgar
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • England

Correct Answer: Scotland

Fact: Scotland, renowned for its stunning landscapes and rich history, boasts several iconic destinations. Edinburgh, the capital, is famous for its historic Old Town and Edinburgh Castle. In Orkney, the Ring of Brodgar, a Neolithic stone circle, has stood the test of time with 36 of its stones still remaining.

Question 2: Which ancient monument aligns with the sunrise on the summer solstice?

  • Stanton Drew stone circles
  • Stonehenge
  • Carnac Stones

Correct Answer: Stonehenge

Fact: Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, is one of the world's most famous archaeological sites. This Neolithic stone circle monument is believed to have been constructed in stages, starting around 3000 BCE, and the site contains several burial mounds. Stonehenge's precise construction and alignment with the solstices attest to its builders' advanced knowledge of astronomy.

Question 3: What is the national animal of Scotland?

  • Scottish wildcat
  • Red deer
  • Unicorn

Correct Answer: Unicorn

Fact: The unicorn was chosen as the national animal due to its association with strength and independence. The mythical creature was introduced to the royal coat of arms of Scotland around the mid-1500s.

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