Microsoft Rewards Bing Entertainment News Quiz Questions and Answers (2-15-2023)

Question 1: Forget that other big game that dominated the news—which team won Puppy Bowl XIX?

  • Team Jacob
  • Team Fluff
  • Team Ruff

Correct Answer: Team Fluff

Question 2: Which costume item from the TV show ‘Breaking Bad’ will be auctioned off to one lucky bidder?

  • A pizza box
  • A gas mask
  • A pair of underwear

Correct Answer: A pair of underwear

Question 3: U2 announced they’ll be returning to the stage in 2023 with performances in…

  • Las Vegas
  • Dublin
  • Joshua Tree

Correct Answer: Las Vegas

Question 4: Speaking of stage returns, which actor face-planted on the way to the podium at a charity event?

  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Halle Berry

Correct Answer: Halle Berry

Question 5: Soon you’ll be able to order the ‘Cardi B and Offset Meal’ at which fast-food chain?

  • Dairy Queen
  • McDonald’s
  • Burger King

Correct Answer: McDonald’s

Question 6: Which movie was the top box-office earner this past weekend?

  • Avatar sequel
  • Magic Mike sequel
  • Knock at the Cabin

Correct Answer: Magic Mike sequel

Question 7: Jamie Lee Curtis admitted that in order to get more screen time in movies she…

  • Bribes the crew
  • Rewrites her dialogue
  • Hangs around the set

Correct Answer: Hangs around the set

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