Microsoft Rewards Bing Entertainment News Quiz Questions and Answers (5-31-2023)

Question 1: At her concert in London, Beyoncé performed ‘River Deep Mountain High’ in tribute to…

  • Tina Turner
  • Tammi Terrell
  • Ronnie Spector

Correct Answer: Tina Turner

Question 2: A knife-wielding former chef attacked the home of which star of film and television?

  • Patrick Stewart
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Melissa McCarthy

Correct Answer: Benedict Cumberbatch

Question 3: Which video game has sold more than 50 million copies, making it one of the most successful of all time?

  • The Witcher 3
  • Pitfall
  • Elden Ring

Correct Answer: The Witcher 3

Question 4: An all caps ‘LET WOMEN EXIST’ was part of which singer’s clapback at critics of her fashion evolution?

  • Hayley Williams
  • Billie Eilish
  • Lizzo

Correct Answer: Billie Eilish

Question 5: What did singer-songwriter Jewel do at the Indy 500 that prompted mixed reactions from the audience?

  • Sang national anthem
  • Put ketchup on hot dog
  • Stole checkered flag

Correct Answer: Sang national anthem

Question 6: Which Marvel movie has been put on indefinite hold due to the Hollywood writers’ strike?

  • Thunderbolts
  • Blade
  • Both are correct

Correct Answer: Both are correct

Question 7: Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s selfie at a concert was photobombed by which famous ‘randos’?

  • Harry & Meghan
  • Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson
  • Taylor & Matty

Correct Answer: Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

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