Microsoft Rewards Bing News Quiz Questions and Answers (12-9-2022)

Question 1: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was just named…

  • A Nobel Prize nominee
  • Time’s Person of the Year
  • Special UN envoy

Correct Answer: Time’s Person of the Year

Question 2: After 54 years of production, the final build of which iconic aircraft just rolled off a US assembly line?

  • Concorde
  • Boeing 747
  • General Dynamics F-16

Correct Answer: Boeing 747

Question 3: The president of which South American country was just impeached and removed from office?

  • Bolivia
  • Peru
  • Argentina

Correct Answer: Peru

Question 4: Speaking of Peru, Dina Boluarte was just sworn in as its new leader, making her the country’s…

  • First female president
  • 6th president since 2018
  • Both are correct

Correct Answer: Both are correct

Question 5: Brittney Griner was finally released from Russian custody. Which pro sports league does she play in?

  • WNBA (basketball)
  • NWSL (soccer)
  • LPGA (golf)

Correct Answer: WNBA (basketball)

Question 6: A TikTok user made waves after dyeing her dog’s fur green to resemble which fictional character?

  • The Hulk
  • The Grinch
  • Baby Yoda

Correct Answer: The Grinch

Question 7: 18-year-old Jaylen Smith of Earle, Arkansas, just became the…

  • Youngest Black mayor in the US
  • World’s youngest astronaut
  • ‘Teen Jeopardy!’ champion

Correct Answer: Youngest Black mayor in the US

Question 8: TSA agents in Wisconsin found another live pet in a passenger’s bag. What kind of animal was it this time?

  • A dog
  • A ferret
  • A chinchilla

Correct Answer: A dog

Question 9: Why did the morning show ‘GMA3’ recently take anchors Amy Robach and TJ Holmes off the air?

  • Show is being canceled
  • Their affair was made public
  • Low ratings

Correct Answer: Their affair was made public

Question 10: Which NFL Hall of Fame player was just named head football coach at the University of Colorado?

  • Jerome Bettis
  • Howie Long
  • Deion Sanders

Correct Answer: Deion Sanders

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