Which five mountains are in Japan? (Supersonic Quiz)

[8-30-2022] Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Supersonic Quiz Question: Which five mountains are in Japan?

The given options are:

  • Mount Ontake
  • Mount Sakurajima
  • Mount Nemrut
  • Mount Ararat
  • Mount Fuji
  • Mount Aso
  • Mount Pinatubo
  • Mount Asama
Five Correct Answers are:
  • Mount Ontake
  • Mount Sakurajima
  • Mount Fuji
  • Mount Aso
  • Mount Asama

If you have different options, check the following table for the correct answers (sorted by height). (Ref)

List of 300 highest mountains in Japan:

MountainHeight (in feet)
Mount Fuji12,388
Mount Kita10,476
Mount Okuhotaka10,466
Mount Aino10,463
Mount Yari10,433
Mount Warusawa10,305
Mount Akaishi10,236
Mount Karasawa10,203
Mount Kitahotaka10,190
Mount Obami [jp]10,174
Mount Maehotaka10,138
Mount Naka10,118
Mount Arakawa-Naka10,118
Mount Ontake10,062
Mount Nishinōtori10,010
Mount Shiomi9,997
Mount Minami9,950
Mount Senjō9,949
Mount Norikura9,928
Mount Tate9,892
Mount Hijiri9,885
Mount Tsurugi9,839
Mount Suisho9,797
Mount Kaikoma9,734
Mount Kisokoma9,698
Mount Shirouma9,619
Mount Otensho9,587
Mount Yakushi9,600
Mount Washiba9,593
Mount Aka9,511
Mount Kasa9,505
Mount Kashimayari9,478
Mount Utsugi9,395
Mount Jōnen9,373
Mount Sannosawa9,339
Mount Minamikoma9,321
Mount Kannon9,318
Mount Kurobegorō9,316
Mount Yoko9,281
Mount Goryu9,232
Mount Akanagi9,180
Mount Yakushi9,121
Mount Jizō9,068
Mount Tsubakuro9,065
Mount Iō9,055
Mount Haku8,865
Mount Nokogiri8,809
Mount Tengu8,681
Mount Neishi8,540
Mount Kinpu8,527
Mount Yumiori8,504
Mount Tekari8,501
Mount Nikko-Shirane8,458
Mount Asama8,425
Mount Tateshina8,310
Mount Nantai8,150
Mount Sanpo8,146
Mount Yoko8,136
Mount Hiuchi8,077
Mount Yake8,054
Mount Myōkō8,051
Mount Bessan7,871
Mount Nishi7,867
Mount Hiuchigatake7,730
Mount Azumaya7,723
Mount Asahi7,513
Mount Hokuchin7,362
Mount Chōkai7,336
Mount Hakuun7,316
Mount Kuma7,251
Mount Pippu7,208
Mount Ena7,188
Mount Mamiya7,169
Mount Kusatsu-Shirane7,123
Mount Koizumi7,080
Mount Nyū7,060
Mount Hokkai7,051
Mount Naeba7,038
Mount Naeba7,034
Mount Nokogiri7,028
Mount Tomuraushi7,024
Mount Matsuda7,008
Mount Sannomine6,982
Mount Dainichi6,982
Mount Ryōun6,972
Mount Naka6,932
Mount Ogura6,929
Mount Nyū6,929
Mount Iide6,906
Mount Sannomine6,873
Mount Nakanodake6,841
Mount Aka6,819
Mount Tokachi6,814
Mount Eboshi6,798
Mount Daibosatsu6,749
Mount Poroshiri6,735
Mount Biei6,733
Mount Iwate6,686
Mount Goshiki6,686
Mount Kitamata6,640
Mount Midori6,627
Mount Kumotori6,617
Mount Eboshi6,617
Mount Nipesotsu6,604
Mount Oputateshike6,603
Mount Onishi6,601
Mount Kuro6,510
Mount Gassan6,509
Mount Ishizuchi6,503
Mount Kamuiekuuchikaushi6,494
Mount Tanigawa6,486
Mount Ishikari6,453
Mount Kenashi6,444
Mount Chūbetsu6,440
Mount Tottabetsu6,427
Mount Tsurugi6,414
Mount Keigetsu6,358
Mount Miyanoura6,352
Mount Otofuke6,339
Mount Kirigamine6,316
Mount Kamihorokamettoku6,299
Mount Iizuna6,289
Mount Nasu6,289
Mount Pipairo6,288
Mount Hakkyō6,283
Mount Furano6,273
Mount Kitatottabetsu6,273
Mount Esaoman-Tottabetsu6,240
Mount Yōtei6,227
Mount Satsunai6,219
Mount Miune6,211
Biei Fuji6,194
Mount Chiroro6,168
Mount Bebetsu6,102
Mount Tokachiporoshiri6,056
1839 Metre Summit6,043
Mount Oizuru6,041
Mount Zaō6,040
Mount Upepesanke6,024
Mount Akagi5,997
Mount Bandai5,968
Mount Nukabira5,931
Mount Ōsasa5,929
Mount Denjō5,906
Mount Shakka5,904
Mount Namewakka5,903
Mount Yaoromappu5,887
Mount Fushimi5,879
Mount Kujū5,876
Mount Tanemaki5,876
Mount Chōkai5,764
Mount Kamui5,761
Mount Sobo5,761
Mount Yuniishikari5,761
Mount Memuro5,754
Mount Idonmappu5,748
Mount Penkenūshi5,742
Mount Pankenūshi5,728
Mount Rubeshibe5,709
Mount Petegari5,696
Mount Oshiki5,680
Mount Rubetsune5,667
Mount Ashibetsu5,663
Mount Koikakushusatsunai5,646
Mount Rishiri5,646
Mount Dainichi5,607
Mount Azuma5,594
Mount Karakuni5,577
Mount Ōdaigahara5,561
Mount Maru5,552
Mount Hiru5,488
Mount Yūbari5,471
Mount Mikuni5,459
Mount Rausu5,449
Mount Ōkueyama5,390
Pirika Nupuri5,350
Mount Shikashinai5,341
Mount Shibichari5,338
Mount Iwaki5,334
Mount Soematsu5,331
Mount Nōgōhaku5,306
Mount Kamui5,251
Mount Aso5,223
Mount Piratokomi5,209
Mount Ōdake5,200
Mount Yufu5,195
Mount Tanzawa5,141
Mount Kasatori5,125
Mount Iō5,125
Mount Teshio5,110
Mount Shari5,075
Mount Mikuni5,057
Mount Pekerebetsu5,026
Mount Kurai5,017
Mount Nakano4,984
Mount Hyōno4,954
Mount Inamura4,941
Mount Numanohara4,940
Mount Meakan4,918
Mount Iwanai4,914
Mount Toyoni4,898
Mount Shunbetsu4,894
Mount Shokanbetsu4,894
Mount Tō4,891
Mount Unzen4,875
Mount Tomuraushi4,845
Mount Rakko4,829
Mount Tokachi4,781
Mount Moriyoshi4,770
Mount Hachimori4,767
Mount Haruna4,754
Mount Chitokaniushi4,743
Mount Ōtenjō4,720
Mount Futamata4,718
Mount Myōjin4,698
Mount Saru4,665
Mount Hinokizuka Okumine4,659
Mount Unabetsu4,656
Mount Kunimi4,655
Mount Chausu4,642
Mount Kyusan4,632
Mount Azami4,613
Mount Amagi4,613
Mount Ponyaoromappu4,612
Mount Kinomatadainichi4,580
Mount Omusha4,524
Mount Ibuki4,518
Mount Tsurumi4,510
Mount Gomadan4,501
Mount Oakan4,496
Mount Nishikawa4,469
Mount Mimuro4,455
Mount Koma4,452
Mount Nozuka4,440
Mount Goyo4,432
Mount Rutori4,430
Mount Osorakan4,416
Mount Okutoppu4,416
Mount Shōkotsu4,414
Mount Ushiro4,413
Nakano Summit4,401
Mount Shindainichi4,396
Mount Jakuchi4,386
Mount Kamitaki4,367
Mount Onnebetsu4,364
Mount Karifuri4,341
Mount Horohoro4,338
Mount Eniwa4,331
Mount Beppirigai4,291
Mount Kanmuri4,123
Mount Nagi4,117
Mount Shiretoko4,114
Mount Ōyama4,108
Mount Takami4,095
Mount Tomamu4,066
Mount Shisuniwa4,054
Mount Hiroo4,039
Mount Shaka4,035
Mount Mekunnai4,003
Mount Bunagatake3,983
Mount Gozaisho3,976
Mount Raiden3,974
Mount Tsurugi3,954
Mount Sannotō3,953
Mount Gyōja3,871
Mount Kumami3,855
Mount Pirigai3,828
Mount Ninotō3,753
Mount Uenshiri3,748
Mount Onigajo3,747
Mount Karasuo3,727
Mount Myōken3,725
Hokkaidō Komagatake3,711
Mount Hako3,705
Mount Kongō3,691
Mount Sakurajima3,665
Mount Toyoni3,625
Mount Fuppushi3,617
Pinneshiri (Kabato)3,610
Mount Odasshu3,601
Mount Obihiro3,573
Mount Tara3,530
Mount Daisengen3,517
Mount Ryuo3,478
Mount Sahoro3,476
Mount Sefuri3,460
Mount Fure3,432
Mount Tarumae3,415
Mount Pisshiri3,384
Mount Pisenai3,371
Mount Yamizo3,353
Mount Uchiichi3,352
Mount Santō3,311
Mount Sen3,298
Mount Machine3,287

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  1. Which five cities are in Japan?
  2. Which five animals are native to Japan?
  3. Which five mountains are in Japan?

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