Who was president first? (This or That)

[11-24-2022] Microsoft Rewards Bing “This or That” Quiz Question: Who was president first?

The following table contains the names of all presidents of the United States and their terms. To answer this question, you need to check the “No.” column. A president with a lower “No.” value is the correct answer.

Abraham Lincoln161861–65
Andrew Jackson71829–37
Andrew Johnson171865–69
Barack Obama442009–17
Benjamin Harrison231889–93
Bill Clinton421993–2001
Calvin Coolidge301923–29
Chester A. Arthur211881–85
Donald Trump452017–21
Dwight D. Eisenhower341953–61
Franklin D. Roosevelt321933–45
Franklin Pierce141853–57
George Bush411989–93
George W. Bush432001–09
George Washington11789–97
Gerald R. Ford381974–77
Grover Cleveland221885–89
Grover Cleveland241893–97
Harry S. Truman331945–53
Herbert Hoover311929–33
James A. Garfield201881
James Buchanan151857–61
James K. Polk111845–49
James Madison41809–17
James Monroe51817–25
Jimmy Carter391977–81
Joe Biden462021–
John Adams21797–1801
John F. Kennedy351961–63
John Quincy Adams61825–29
John Tyler101841–45
Lyndon B. Johnson361963–69
Martin Van Buren81837–41
Millard Fillmore131850–53
Richard M. Nixon371969–74
Ronald Reagan401981–89
Rutherford B. Hayes191877–81
Theodore Roosevelt261901–09
Thomas Jefferson31801–09
Ulysses S. Grant181869–77
Warren G. Harding291921–23
William Henry Harrison91841
William Howard Taft271909–13
William McKinley251897–1901
Woodrow Wilson281913–21
Zachary Taylor121849–50

Today’s “Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz” has ten answers to the “This or That?” question related to US presidents. Each answer carries 5 points, and the wrong answer does not earn any points. Earn five points per question—up to 50 points total—when you answer correctly. So, select only the correct answers.

If you find wrong or other answers, please mention them in the comment.

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