Daily Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers (03-14-2024)

Question 1: What do koalas like to eat?

  • Eucalyptus leaves
  • Bamboo shoots
  • Berries and nuts

Correct Answer: Eucalyptus leaves

Fact: Koalas are herbivores with a particular fondness for eucalyptus leaves, which are tough and difficult to digest. Koalas have a specialized digestive system that allows them to break down the tough cellulose in the leaves.

Question 2: What type of mammal is a koala?

  • Marsupial
  • Placental
  • Monotreme

Correct Answer: Marsupial

Fact: Despite being commonly called 'koala bears,' the koala is not a bear. Bears are placental mammals while koalas are marsupials, a type of mammal that carries and nurses their young offspring in a pouch.

Question 3: Which hormone regulates the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle?

  • Melatonin
  • Adrenaline
  • Insulin

Correct Answer: Melatonin

Fact: Darkness triggers the release of melatonin, which makes us feel drowsy and prepares our body for sleep. Melatonin production is influenced by factors such as exposure to light, stress, and certain medications. Exposure to light, especially blue light emitted by electronic devices, can suppress melatonin production and disrupt our sleep cycle.

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