[Quiz] Math basic operations word problems set 1 with answers

Welcome to Math Quiz number 6. These are basic grade 2 and 3 math word problems on mathematical operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. None of the questions have multiple correct answers. So, you need to select just one correct answer. We have not mentioned any particular currency in questions. ‘c’ with the amount represents your local currency e.g. USD, INR, Euro, etc. Please do not use a calculator. Have fun!!!

A has 8 toys, and B has 12 toys. The price of A's one toy is 6c, and B's one toy is 4c. If they sell all of their toys, how much money will they earn together?

A tree is growing 5 inches every day. In how many days, the height of the tree will be 60 inches?

M goes to a fair with her friend R. M has 20c, and R has 25c. They went to a shop to buy toys. If the toy price is 5c, how many toys can they buy with their money?

Tina has 126 pencils. If she gives 3 pencils to her friend, she gets 1 cookie from her friend. How many cookies will Tina get if she gives all her pencils to her friend?

Sonoma drives to her school every day. If she needs 3 gallons of gas every day, how many gallons of gas she will need in April?

Krish ate 1/5 of the pizza at a birthday party, and Tom ate 2/5 of the pizza. What fraction of pizza is left?

Tommy invites 8 of his friends to a party. There are 40 mangoes and 16 apples. Tommy wants to divide those fruits among his friends equally. How many fruits will each of his friends get?

Rex invited 6 of his friends to his birthday party. Each of them brought 8 pens and 5 pencils. How many pens and pencils did Rex get as a gift?

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