Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Questions and Answers (03-30-2024)

Question 1: Which sloth species is featured in today’s image?

Brown-throated three-toed
  • Brown-throated three-toed
  • Hoffmann’s two-toed
  • Linnaeus’s two-toed

Correct Answer: Brown-throated three-toed

Fact: The brown-throated three-toed sloth has a light-brown face with a darker stripe across its brow, accentuated by black raccoon-like stripes near its eyes. The upturned black mouth gives it a perpetual smile-like look.

Question 2: What is the name of the male cartoon ground sloth in the movie ‘Ice Age’?

  • Sid
  • Manny
  • Diego

Correct Answer: Sid

Fact: In the animated adventure comedy, released in 2002, Sid the sloth meets Manny the mammoth and a saber-tooth tiger named Diego. Together, they set out on a journey through a tundra to reunite a human baby named Roshan with his tribe.

Question 3: What are sloths’ favorite leaves?

  • Oak
  • Cecropia
  • Maple

Correct Answer: Cecropia

Fact: Cecropia leaves are low in calories and high in water content, making them a perfect choice for the slow metabolism of sloths. Additionally, cecropia leaves are easily digestible, which is crucial for the sloths' unique digestive systems, which have adapted to processing their leafy diet efficiently.

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