[Quiz] 4th grade fraction word problems (set 1)

Welcome to Math Quiz number 28. These are grade (class) 4 questions based on fractions. These questions test the basic understanding of fractions. Please do not use a calculator or online tool to answer these questions. Once you submit the quiz, you will see NA at the end of the questions. NA suggests that there is no hint given for that particular question. Have fun!!!

James had a pizza that was cut into 8 equal slices. He ate 3 slices. What fraction of the pizza did he eat?

There are 12 cupcakes in a tray. If 1/4 of the cupcakes have chocolate chips, how many cupcakes have chocolate chips?

A school bus can carry 30 students. 3/5 of the seats are already occupied. How many more students can get on the bus?

Jane had a bag of marbles. 2/5 of the marbles were red and the rest were blue. If she had 15 blue marbles, how many marbles were in the bag?

There are 24 kids in a class. 3/8 of them are boys. How many boys are in the class?

Lisa ran 3/5 of a mile in 6 minutes. How long would it take her to run a full mile at the same speed?

A recipe calls for 3/4 cup of sugar. If you want to make 2/3 of the recipe, how much sugar will you need?

A pizza costs $10 and is divided into 8 slices. How much does each slice cost?

A car can go 48 miles on 3 gallons of gas. How far can it go on 5 gallons of gas?

A rectangular cake was cut into 20 equal pieces. If 1/5 of the cake is eaten, how many pieces are left?

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