Which five are types of otters? (Supersonic Quiz)

[9-6-2022] Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Supersonic Quiz Question: Which five are types of otters?

The given options are:

  • Hairy-nosed
  • Kermode
  • Marine
  • Lontra
  • Pileated
  • Abert’s
  • Lutrogale
  • Lutra
Five Correct Answers are:
  • Hairy-nosed
  • Marine
  • Lontra
  • Lutrogale
  • Lutra

If you have different options, check the following list for the correct answers:

List of 13 types of otters:

  • Aonyx capensis (African clawless otter)
  • Amblonyx cinereus (Asian small-clawed otter)
  • Aonyx congicus (Congo clawless otter)
  • Lutra lutra (Eurasian otter)
  • Pteronura brasiliensis (Giant otter)
  • Lutra sumatrana (Hairy-nosed otter)
  • Lontra felina (Marine otter)
  • Lontra longicaudis (Neotropical otter)
  • Lontra canadensis (North American river otter)
  • Enhydra lutris (Sea otter)
  • Lutrogale perspicillata (Smooth-coated otter/ Smooth-haired otter)
  • Lontra provocax (Southern river otter)
  • Hydrictis maculicollis (Spotted-necked otter)

This quiz otter be a splash

Today’s “Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Supersonic Quiz” has three questions related to Otters. Each question has five correct answers and carries ten points. The wrong answer does not earn any points. So, select only the correct answers.

All three questions from today’s Bing Homepage Supersonic Quiz are below. You can find their answers by visiting those pages.

  1. Which five are types of otters?
  2. Which five collective nouns do not describe a group of otters?
  3. Otters belong to the Mustelidae family along with what other five animals?


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